Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tonight's dinner

When I shop at the grocery store, I buy what looks good and is on sale. After coming home from two vacations back to back, I was craving vegetables. Unfortunately, we don' t have a Whole Foods close by so I rely on Publix and Walmart. It's quite the outing to head to Duluth/Norcross to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's so I really don't get the chance to do so in the summer.

So, yesterday was a Walmart day because they have an abundance of veggies and fruits that are in season and cheap-not to mention I needed to buy a few non-food items. Naturally, I was drawn to the 25 cents for an ear of corn. So, for a family of three, I chose to buy 6 ears of corn. I can always figure out different ways to use corn. I was going to make my mom's "Summer Corn Chowder" but I'm really struggling with making a hot soup today considering it's 100 degrees outside. I've decided to definitely go vegetarian and make black bean and corn salad with cheese quesadillas. The recipe? I'm not going to follow a recipe today and just go with the basic tex-mex thing. Unfortunately, I forgot to buy tomatoes which is normally an unusual thing to forget to buy for me but I can make due without.

When I go vegetarian, I try very hard to consider my protein source. As a runner, I need my protein and can feel it when I haven't had it enough. After my morning run, I may be drawn to a bagel with cream cheese. Shortly thereafter, however, I'm reaching in the fridge for some cold leftover chicken. It's amazing of how your body will tell you what it's just a matter of listening and not giving into the bad stuff.

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  1. YAY! up and running with the blog :) keep sharing with FB so we know when to check and read about new posts!!!

    Whit :)