Saturday, January 8, 2011

Omega 3 Fatty Acids for Fat Ass

Just few days ago, I decided to not end my Fat Ass 50K streak (two previous years) and head out to Sweetwater State Park in Lithia Springs, GA tomorrow morning with over a hundred GUTS runners. Just recently, I started working on my speed again and was going to save myself for Museum of Aviation Marathon in Warner Robbins, GA which is the following weekend. But in a weak moment, I found myself sending Vikena Yutz a message to let her know that I was coming.

At Costco yesterday, I bought $22 worth of salmon and decided to try a new marinade that I bought awhile back: Roasted Rasberry Chipotle Sauce-also purchased at Costco. So, for dinner we had grilled salmon with lemon wedges, brown basmati rice with a tablespoon of butter, sauted fresh spinach with garlic and olive oil, and a mixed green salad. Pretty easy and basic.

The purpose of buying a large amount of salmon is to use it for leftovers. Nothing is more delicious than cold salmon the next day whether it's on a salad or on a sammie. 

The days that I don't run, I'm ravenous! I don't know why but I can eat a fairly decent sized breakfast and be very hungry just an hour or two later. So, today, which is a rest day, I decided to have lunch at 10:15 a.m. I just couldn't wait any longer-not to mention I kept thinking about that yummy salmon in the fridge. Am I the only one who is hungrier than normal the days that I don't run? Or is my mind telling my body, "You better eat a lot today, you've got 31 or so miles to run in the a.m., girly!"?

A salmon sammie is what I made and it took 5 minutes to toast a baguette (also bought at Costco) in the oven, spread a little dijon mustard (mayo would have been great, too), the leftover mixed green salad from last night, and of course, some leftover salmon with lemon juice.

The temperature tomorrow morning for Fat Ass 50K is going to be cold-23 degrees or something. Salmon has Omega 3 Fatty Acids which is supposed to be great for keeping the skin from drying as a result of cold, dry weather. I am not sure if I care that much about this but it was worth mentioning. LOL.  We are recommended two servings of Omega 3s a week and it can also promote healthy joints and fight against heart disease. Wild salmon is supposed to have higher Omega 3s than ocean farmed salmon.

*When I took the photo, I realized I had the sammie on one of my $1.00 Walmart plastic plates. Actually, it doesn't look that bad. LOL.


  1. Mmmmm. If we'd thought you were serving up those sammies today, we might have made the long trek over there to meet Milo. Haven't had good wild salmon in soooo long. Will have to try that sauce.

  2. On days I don't run I eat everything in the fridge and usually the fridge too. Motivation to run daily