Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The ultimate Chick Food-Chicken Salad

Like most people who are not vegetarians, I love chicken salad sammies. But sometimes I want it and it just can't be made quick enough. I keep a very large bag of chicken tenderloins (from Costco) in my freezer. I do prefer organic chicken as a general rule but these are so quick and I think the chicken is decent quality (I hope).  

Pop about a dozen of the chicken tenders with some water or chicken stock (about 2 cups) into the oven on 400 degrees until the chicken tenders are cooked through. They take no time at all.  Pull them out and cut them up. I made this particular recipe using my food processor so they were easily thrown in with the herbs, celery, onion, and light mayo.

*The pate method is not how I would have made this when including grapes, but my son is ULTRA PICKY and processing it up pate-style made it so that the veggies were unspotted. Hey, do whatever you got to do to get those veggies in the little one's tummies. 

Once combined, whether chopped by hand or with the food processor, the worst part is waiting for the chicken to chill. My super fast method of chilling is sticking the chicken salad in the freezer. It is likely that it will be pretty nicely chilled and good to go within 15-20 minutes. 

My close friend Dena Cyr (and running buddy) loves to make chicken salad with mandarine oranges and pineapple chunks. My friend Michelle slow cooked a cornish hen for her chicken salad. Whatever you decide upon, please don't be like me and use whole wheat bread. Right Dena?

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  1. This sounds fast and easy! I will want to give this a try... Thanks for the idea!!
    Tina B